Sizing Up

Paddle Specifications
All paddles must be IDBF 202A certified. Each paddle should have a sticker or mark to this effect. Don't cover this mark if you want to compete nationally or internationally. The allowable lengths of paddles are from 46 inches to 51 inches as measured from the bottom of the blade to the top of the handle. The paddle cannot be altered physically in any way (decorations and stickers are allowed). Paddles that have been shaved, dimpled or have the blade sharpened are not allowed in competition.

Experience is the best guide when selecting paddle length. One of the best ways to find the perfect size paddle is to try out several lengths until you find the perfect fit. Trade paddles with someone during your practice and feel it. Ask these basic questions:
  • Does it feel better and are you more comfortable?
  • Can you get more power?
  • Does it make you feel uncomfortable or cause pain (very bad!)? Don't be afraid to ask about size. (Innuendo is optional!) Size DOES matter!
Measuring your paddle
We usually determine the length by following some simple steps:
  • Sit upright on your buttocks on a flat surface. (e.g a chair or bench)
  • Raise your right arm vertically upwards pointing the ceiling
  • Measure the length between the centre of your palm to your buttocks. (This measurement is in inches ranging from from 46inches to 51inches)